Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sony adds cloud storage for game saves to PSN Plus subscriptions

It's official, Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription just became a thing worth owning with the new addition of online storage for game saves. It's coming with v3.60 of the PS3 firmware, which we're promised to receive tomorrow, March 10th. You'll be allowed to stash up to 150MB of PlayStation 3 game progress data in Sony's make.believe cloud, which is not exactly a staggering amount, but then it's not like those save files take up that much space. The major attraction that we see here is being able to just plug your account details into any PS3 around the globe and continue your questing in Dragon Age II as if you're still at home. See Sony's press release and instructions on how to use the new cloud saving option after the break.

Below are the features that appear on v3.60 with regards to Online Storage for Game Saves.

3.60 Update Feature - Online Storage Area for Saves

This update introduces an Online Storage area for PlayStation Plus users to back up their saved data. This will allow them to access their data from another PlayStation 3 system.

Details regarding Online Storage:

1. You will need a PlayStation Plus PSN account and access to the Internet to use this function.
2. PS1,PS2,PSP and minis save data cannot be backed up.
3. Data will be kept for a maximum of 6 months from the end of your PlayStation Plus membership.
4. You can access your data on online storage, if you become a PlayStation Plus member again within 6 months (using the same PSN account).
5. The process for backing up saves cannot be used on the in-game XMB.
6. You can back up your data to Online Storage as often as you wish, however you may only restore data to your PS3 from online storage once every 24 hours.
7. The Online Storage option will still be displayed in your menu if you are offline, even if you are not a PlayStation Plus member.
8. Saved data above 150MB cannot be backed up, however you will able to back up copy-right protected saved data.
9. When there is not enough space left on the Online Storage, further saved data will not be able to be backed up. The user will have to delete and free some online storage space to back up a new save.
10. The maximum amount of storage space for 1 PSN Account is 150MB, and the maximum amount of saves is 1000.

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