Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Kelly Rowland - Commander (True Tiger Remix)

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The Game - Brake Light (FREE MIXTAPE)

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Hello Good Morning - Grime remix

Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

As I'm on holiday in Belgium I thought I would show you this. The deepest Swimming Pool in the World, the Nemo 33. This is in Brussels, and is an amazing architectural project that extends underwater into a project that provides a completely man-made diving pool. Perfect for scuba diving practices this 33 meter (105 feet) deep pool also doubles as a major tourist attraction.

The architect Sebastian Moran Vacca in collaboration with scuba diving expert John Beernaerts created a special filtering system that allows for it to be chemical free. The facility consists of two pools and 2 pit caves which appear to be modern cavernous underwater lairs. The air is renewed permanently in order to retain the correct amount of pressure and the anchoring points may be adjusted depending on the activity taking place like film shootings or scientfic experiments. The pool as a whole takes up a whopping 2,500,000 liters of water which is maintained at around 30 degrees celcius/ 86 degrees fahreheit. That's not all, Nemo 33 also hosts parties and also houses a restaurant, aqua gym and hydrotherapy.

I'm think True Tiger Party!!!