Thursday, 27 November 2008

Concept iPod Nano Touch... Selenki Wow!

Today I saw the new iPod nano which looked mad slick in black but tonight Blue Bear sent me the link to the concept iPod nano touch designed by Isamu Sanada. Think I'll wait for this one...

by Stanza

The best thing you can do in three seconds...

If you enjoy a hot beverage when you rise or when you get in or when your having hob-nobs or in studio or whilst watching your favourite show then this is something that changes things.... The three second kettle by Tefal is a sound investment

by Stanza

Evidence that starting early pays off... AMAZING!!!

One of the best drum solos I've ever seen by a now 23 year old Tony Royster Junior from the United States. There's no point me even saying much on this, just watch the video... SHEARERRR!!!
For more information check
by Stanza

Walking in a winter wonderland...

London's Hyde Park have transformed part of the park into the UK's 'winter wonderland'. A good place to take a date or to go with friends or family.
by Stanza

Lucky there's a family guy...

Latest installment by Emmy Award winner and all round genius Seth MacFarlane, go and get a pen and jot this down on your Christmas list...or if your slightly impatient like me, order online at

by Olly Smith