Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Best Of Chris Tucker...

Dubstep giant Joker just sent me this, perfect after a day of going through beats! Chris Tucker we salute you!

Louis Sneakers

I know I'm a little late on these now, but these are the 1st of 6 designs Kanye has done with Louis Vuitton. The detailing looks a bit over the top from this angle, I prefer the Air Yeezy's, but I've seen the Louis' on, and they look a lot better than the pic suggests. If you want these you'll have to go and pester some stuck up sales person at a flagship store for when you can grab them I'm afraid.


Once you've chosen which lyrics from the Lil Wayne track below to set as your new facebook status, don't eat for the next couple of days, and get yourself to the Harry Morgan Deli at Harrods in Knightsbridge. My tip is try the salt beef sandwich...ok so It's £13...but one of the most amazing taste sensations I've had since honey roast ham crisps from M&S.
Have a look here at the menu

Ashley Walters featuring Mutya Buena Live @ The Royal Festival Hall

A live performance at The Royal Festival Hall in London by Ashley Walters and the lovely Mutya Buena. Performing Ash's new single "With You" which we originally produced but this live version is with Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra who we featured a couple months back on the blog.