Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Are nintendo about to wii their pants . . .

So E3 was a couple of days ago (for those who don't know, its one of the biggest gaming conferences in the tech calender) and Xbox has to be the show stopper at the moment. I have been debating if I were to get a console would i go PS3 (pretty much only for Gran Turismo 5) or Xbox. PS3 on paper is a much better machine, but Xbox just seem to be killing of PS3 as more titles move over to Xbox such as Metal Gear Solid, and the new Splinter Cell (which is exclusive to Xbox now). The cherry on the fast moving gaming cake has to be Xbox's latest announcement code named 'Natal'.

Its pretty much what Wii should have done, completely controller free gaming. Natal picks up 3D motion via a camera, face recognition, voice recognition, with what looks like amazing accuracy. the best way to work it out is to check out the demo video.

Wii or Xbox???? . . . i'm xbox now

Sony announce PSP GO

Sony announced the release of the new PSP Go! PSP system without UMD facility but a nice 16GB Flash Memory. Set to be released in North America and Europe on October 1st!

Calling all DJ Gamers!!!!!!


All you Dj's out there who enjoy a bit of gaming, maybe this is the future of Djing.....

Pro Evo 2010 Trailer - E3 Update


Here is the trailer for the new Pro Evolution 2010.