Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Just received a Noah D Remix of 'Diesel Not Petrol' by Sukh Knight!!

I've just been on AIM speaking to US dubstep giant Noah D and he's just sent me a rough version of his remix of Sukh Knight's club banger Diesel Not Petrol which has also just been vocalled by grime artist Icekid. Its sounding really really SICK, can't wait to test this one this weekend at Man Make Bass in Shoreditch! Remember where you heard about it first & definitely look out for it! 

Google Releases 2008 Zeitgeist Rankings

Google has just published its annual round-up of most searched terms today, revealing that the public spent much of the year on Facebook and obsessing about those Jonas brothers....

Each year the search engine giant compiles its “zeitgeist” list, uncovering the most popular keywords among billions of Google queries.

Fastest Rising Global Search Terms

1. Sarah Palin
2. Beijing 2008
3. Facebook login
4. Tuenti
5. Heath Ledger
6. Obama
7. Nasza Klasa
8. Wer Kennt Wen
9. Euro 2008
10. Jonas Brothers

Top UK Search Terms

1. Facebook
2. BBC
3. YouTube
4. eBay
5. Games
6. News
7. Hotmail
8. Bebo
9. Yahoo
10. Jobs

Lappy Heatwave . . .

Ok, so how many of you own a laptop? Out of that how many of you own a MacBook Pro? The heat given off these things at the bottom is enough to cause a drought in the amazon rain forest! Trying to use these machines on your lap is a challenge as you will prob only last 5 minutes before being burnt to a crisp. Not anymore! Logitech have announced the Lapdesk. Its basically a comfortable cushion with a hard flat top for the laptop. Pretty simple but useful ideas for those who live with a laptop around the house.

Due out early 2009 for approx £30. Click here to check out more info.

The Camera Killer . . .

Canon have announced their new SLR camera, the Canon EOS 5D MkII. I have an interest in photography, but have never really been interested in camera, but this camera is something else. The only way to explain it is to watch this clip by Vincent Laforet who managed to get his hands on the new canon and shot this in a weekend to show of its amazing ability in low light conditions. I want one of these cameras!