Saturday, 6 December 2008

Just In Time For Christmas....

Yesterday I went down to our distributor to pick up copies of our new releases. Three new releases from True Tiger Recordings in the shape of Stenchman's True Tiger EP, Around The World Volume Two and From Day. As well as represses of Sukh Knight's Born Invincible EP, Around The World Volume One and Ny's Split Endz Volume Two. ORDER NOW

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by Stanza

Eat Sh*t Die!

Only just caught this about an hour ago, some idiot chucked a coin at Kanye during his recent Glow In The Dark Tour, and Kanye had a few choice words for the auto tuned splendor.

Lily Allen - The Fear

As much as some people try to hate on Lily Allen, this song from her upcoming album It's Not Me It's You has been on loop in my head for the last week now.