Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Essex Gets Smart... Are You Heartless...

Are You Heartless is a smart clothing store based in Ilford, Essex (UK) and has a cool website to match. Check out the site and some of the garms www.areyouheartless.com


While performing in Denmark we had the pleasure of performing with Danish band F.U.K.T, an amazing band that have one of the BEST drummers I have EVER seen live!! Also one of the first times I heard dubstep, grime and drum 'n' bass being played at such a high level! They are going from strength to strength so check their music out and definitely try catching them live! www.myspace.com/fuktmusic

Clear Converse...

For the converse freaks, they've taken it a step further. Just make sure your sock game is tight (www.pantherella.co.uk) before you think of copping these www.converse.com