Sunday, 30 November 2008

Your time ladies...

Nike have released a brand Dunk to the winter collection, a new high top for women ready for the winter months where you have to armour up but still want to look on point! The brown and pink colour scheme really works and no doubt they come with white laces if you want to tone down the pink. Purchase these NOW

by Stanza

Perfect Present for Key-no's!

If you or someone you know wants or needs to practice key playing when the piano or keyboard isn't at hand then this is a perfect solution. These piano gloves come with USB connection and rechargable batteries. Order your mobile finger workers HERE
by Stanza

Are You Bonkers!?

One of our favourite artists Dizzee Rascal gets closer to that fourth album and I've just heard a new track that I'm sure will be on the album. Produced by dance music legend Arman Van Helden titled "Bonkers" and bonkers it definitely is! Keep an eye on Dizzee's website for more information

by Stanza

This Is Passion Rudeboy!

Some people don't understand why football fans get so passionate but this ish right here is a perfect example of passion! Fan zone captures the Spurs Arsensal 4-4 thriller perfectly, watch now Oi Oi!

by Stanza

I'll Be Back... Its that time again...

There are rumours that the Terminator aka the Mayor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with friends including one of our favourite rappers Common... Terminator Salvation is set for release in May 09. Check the preview trailer "GET DOWN!"

by Blue Bear

"I got my Nike kicks now I want some Vans Shoes!"

If your a trainer freak like myself then your always on the look out for new trainers and different styles of trainers. Vans have just released the "Vault Collection" which has a crazy selection of styles and colours. Check it out at
Also check out Wretch 32's new music video "Be Cool" which gives Vans a nice little plug! Watch now BE COOL VIDEO
by Stanza

To meat or not to meat...

Its not often that vegetarians get a great selection in the upmarket restaurants of London, however Saf in Shoreditch aka trendyville have turned this stigma on its head and are one of London's amazing Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants that will make even the hardcore of carnivores accept vegetarian food. Having recently been there, I definitely recommend it and would suggest trying the cheese platter... made of nuts!
by Ravalyia

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Concept iPod Nano Touch... Selenki Wow!

Today I saw the new iPod nano which looked mad slick in black but tonight Blue Bear sent me the link to the concept iPod nano touch designed by Isamu Sanada. Think I'll wait for this one...

by Stanza

The best thing you can do in three seconds...

If you enjoy a hot beverage when you rise or when you get in or when your having hob-nobs or in studio or whilst watching your favourite show then this is something that changes things.... The three second kettle by Tefal is a sound investment

by Stanza

Evidence that starting early pays off... AMAZING!!!

One of the best drum solos I've ever seen by a now 23 year old Tony Royster Junior from the United States. There's no point me even saying much on this, just watch the video... SHEARERRR!!!
For more information check
by Stanza

Walking in a winter wonderland...

London's Hyde Park have transformed part of the park into the UK's 'winter wonderland'. A good place to take a date or to go with friends or family.
by Stanza

Lucky there's a family guy...

Latest installment by Emmy Award winner and all round genius Seth MacFarlane, go and get a pen and jot this down on your Christmas list...or if your slightly impatient like me, order online at

by Olly Smith

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The UK's Black Rose Nickita Tia

Known as the UK's 'Black Rose' Nickita Tia is a model from London and is making a big impact in music videos and with her Calender. Definitely one to watch

by Stanza

Cash In My Pocket - Wiley (Official Video)

Grime superstar Wiley drops his new single 'Cash In My Pocket' produced by Mark Ronson and featuring Daniel Merriweather. Even though Wiley isn't happy about the 'cut and paste' third verse I think this record is great and the video definitely sells the package! Check it out and if you think your work office can do better get recording and you could be helped through the credit crunch with a cash prize for the best video! WATCH NOW

by Stanza

I have knits...

Billionaire Boys Club have released a toasty selection of Knits for AW08, to keep you warm when your 'standing in the line for the bathroom' ... You can go cop it here

by Olly Smith

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Essex Gets Smart... Are You Heartless...

Are You Heartless is a smart clothing store based in Ilford, Essex (UK) and has a cool website to match. Check out the site and some of the garms


While performing in Denmark we had the pleasure of performing with Danish band F.U.K.T, an amazing band that have one of the BEST drummers I have EVER seen live!! Also one of the first times I heard dubstep, grime and drum 'n' bass being played at such a high level! They are going from strength to strength so check their music out and definitely try catching them live!

Clear Converse...

For the converse freaks, they've taken it a step further. Just make sure your sock game is tight ( before you think of copping these

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Dubstep Producer & DJ Sukh Knight

East London Producer/DJ Sukh Knight is causing a big stir in the dubstep scene. Check his music and videos @

One for the ladies.... Lauren Conrad Clothing Line

General icon for youngs girls, Lauren Conrad releases her fashion line. Some cool garms. Check

Legendary Colourist Leroy Neiman

Leroy Neiman started his career by doing paintings for Playboy Clubs and has since gone on to do amazing colourings of famous people as well as animals. Above is a piece I saw in a Las Vegas art gallery and is one of his latest pieces. Check for more of his work!

Eating in Pitch Black...

Experience how a blind person would eat and use there senses. I went to this restaurant a few days back not knowing what exactly to expect that Id be eating in pitch black and wouldn't know what I was eating. The other main difference with this restaurant is that you are served by blind people. There are set menus including the chefs special, vegetarian, meat and fish. The whole time your in the restaurant you cannot see and its definitely an experience and makes you appreciate the gift of vision! To find out more and book a reservation check

One of my favourite artists - Mustafa Maluka

Hailing from Cape Town and having his work shown in galleries the world over. I was lucky enough to check out his debut solo show in Berlin and it was great to see people travel from all over the world to see his latest work which sold out immediately. With a distinct style and a focus on faces, Mustafa Maluka's work is definitely worth checking out! Hit

Herbal Vodka

If you want to feel less guilty about drinking then this a new brand of vodka that is good for your health!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Kid Robot

Fashion designer Paul Budnitz started by making vinyl toys and went onto creating this edgy new brand. Cool label,worth checking!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hat to match the lumberjack!

For those who love rocking the lumberjack shirt check out Stussy's cap range:

Feelin Grey...

If you want a plain pair of grey trainers but don't want to be obvious with it then these are a great option, more info check: