Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Another ridiculous law... They are trying it again... DONT HAVE IT! SIGN NOW!


My Life - The Game & Lil Wayne (SICK COVER VERSION)

Great cover by Marie Digby. She's got a load more videos to check aswell. LIke or Dislike?? I LIKE!!!

Able to scratch?

The last 10 years have seen a major development in the audio technology scene with software such as logic, pro tools, and cubase changing the way music is made in any genre. The software which stands out among them all has to be the innovative Ableton Live, allowing you to stretch and mashup loops and samples in a very creative way. Ableton have just announced a partnership with Serato (the leader in software scratch software) which will see a nice integration between the 2 software companies. Ableton is already a firm favorite among the electronic DJs (myself included) but now with a link with serato, the DJ door is firmly open to whole new level of creativity.

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