Friday, 5 December 2008

Compilation To Check This Month - Fabric Live 43 mixed by Sinden

Fabric are back with their latest Fabric Live CD which is at number 43 in the series! Mixed by my boy Sinden who's been putting the grind in for years now and is reaping the rewards; fresh back from a US and European tour Sinden lays down a really diverse mix including our latest single From Day. A must check compilation for those into dance music or those who want to know more about it. This compilation comes in a slick metal case with amazing artwork so if you're a real music fan make sure you purchase! ORDER NOW

by Stanza

Look into the eyes... Reem Kanj

If you're like me and love Lebanese food then here is a very good reason to be in to Lebanese women! Twenty one year old Reem Kanj is definitely a model to watch out for in 09 and she's started work on her clothing line so remember where you heard about her.

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by Stanza