Thursday, 14 May 2009

Street Fighter Midi Control

In the electro world laptop driven DJ's are starting to really make some noise. I'll admit, I use ableton live to really create a different style of set, kinda like live remix mashup production djing . . . but the key to it all is control. No one wants to DJ and look like they are checking the latest post on TigerVision so maybe you need a controller like this! Custom made, it uses arcade buttons to really give a tactile feel. Next time you drop that big bass line you can do it with a SONIC BOOOOOOM!


MikeE said...

Thats aweosme, where did you find it originally? I want one.

Ravaliya [Swara] said...

i first read about it here:

I had the idea to make a simple clip trigger thing with arcade buttons and after some googlage i found that people are making some crazy ones.